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Open Questions over Thermal Engines & Rotary Engines

What about the Future of Fossil Fuel Engines ?

Can a Practically Simple Engine Perform a Strictly Ideal ThermoDynamic Cycle ?

The Rotary Engine has a much better Performance than that the Reciprocating Engine has, in almost all Fields ...

Is there a Specific Type of the Rotary Engine that can Beat the Reciprocating Engine also in the Field of Sealing ?

Has the Piston Rotary Engine the Potential to Beat the Reciprocating Engine also in the Field of Simplicity ?

Has the Piston Rotary Engine the Opportunity to Beat the Reciprocating Engine on Equal Terms ?

Has the Piston Rotary Engine of THE DOT project with VORUS & FIRETRACE Technology the Potential to be the Most Power Dense and, at the same time, the Most Efficient Fossil Fuel Engine Ever ?

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" ... can you even imagine another type of engine, different than that THE DOT concept suggests, which operates more smoothly 1 with the minimum possible velocity fluctuation 2 , more quietly 3 , and, at the same time, performs an almost ideal thermodynamic cycle, with three only pistons, with seven only moving parts, with two only different types of non standard machine elements 4 , and, finally, with such mechanical efficiency 5 , such robustness 6 and such compactness 7 ? "

1 fluctuation of output torque, without flywheel, less than 15% for a twin tori engine, for more than 75% of its speed range
2 fluctuation of absolute angular velocity of pistons less than 30%
3 smooth and balanced operation and extended expansion, where the exhaust gases come out in almost ambient temperature and pressure conditions
4 one non circular sun gear and three identical non circular planet gears
5 deviation of degree of efficiency of non circular gears from the one of standard gears less than 0.1%
6 all moving parts are freely supported at both ends and all toothings are strictly planar
7 ratio of working volume to total toroidal volume up to 9 / 10, planar toothings, absence of flywheel, minimum possible dimensions and weight, minimum possible passive moment of inertia for starting / acceleration / deceleration / stopping

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   this is a verse from an ancient popular song
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   firstly Old Men say:

   we were brave young men, once ...

   then Mature Men say:

   but we are brave now; try us if you want !

   finally Young Men say:

   we, however, shall become much better than you !

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